Top 6 Neighborhoods to Live In Santa Clarita

Are you thinking about moving to Santa Clarita and want someone who can give you the lay of the land? In this episode of SCV Connect, I’m going to give you a tour of the major communities right here in Santa Clarita. We’ll explore the unique aspects of each of these 6 neighborhoods so you can choose the best one for you.

The Communities Of Santa Clarita Valley

Santa Clarita Valley is made up of six main communities: Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, and Valencia. We’ll explore each one so you can find the perfect fit for your needs and wants.


If you're not from around here and love to be close to a shopping center (with all of the eateries that go along with it), then you're going to want to be in the city of Valencia. While Valencia is quite large, the individual communities that you’ll want to check out are the Woodlands, the Summit, Granary Square, Bridgeport, Valencia, and Valencia One. These are all within a 1-mile radius of the Valencia Town Center Mall. 

If you're wondering about walkability, Valencia has a wonderful pásale system. These are walking, hiking, jogging, and running pathways that circumvent automobile traffic completely. I have to say, I've yet to see anything quite like it anywhere else. The pásales were key to the infrastructure of Valencia being a master plan community. You can walk all around without ever setting foot on a true sidewalk next to the road.


You might be thinking that shopping and walkability are great, but you have different needs. Maybe you want to go fishing in a large body of water or do some boating, water skiing, and jet skiing. Does Santa Clarita have a lake? You better believe it. 

The city of Castaic is home to Castaic Lake. If you go to the Castaic Lake website, you'll quickly see that the website itself could probably use a modern touch. Still, you can find out that several state, national, and world record fish were cut right here in Castaic Lake. It’s the largest state water project reservoir in Southern California, containing over 11,200 total acres of parkland and open space habitat. It’s big, consisting of an upper lake and a lower lake. 

If you want to be close to Castaic Lake, the best neighborhood for you to live in is Castaic. There are homes of every size and for every budget. With more new developments coming very soon, it can be a great place to settle, close to the lake and with easy freeway access.

Canyon Country

Does the 5 freeway traffic drive you batty? Then maybe Canyon Country is going to be a better fit for you. Canyon Country has a massive new shopping center with top-end shops, eateries, and entertainment choices. 

In Canyon Country, the homes are not built as close together as some of the other communities in the Santa Clarita Valley. This means there are more traditional backyards that accompany most of the single-family residences, though this depends on the year that the house was built.

Newhall And Stevenson Ranch

Newhall and Stevenson Ranch both share the honor of being accessible from the first exit coming into Santa Clarita on the 5 or 14 freeway. If you're taking the 14, it exits Newhall at the first exit. It was recently named Railroad due to its proximity to—you guessed it—the railroad tracks. Both Newhall and Stevenson Ranch are awesome cities. Newhall is the oldest and original Santa Clarita community, named after the guy that came here and bought up almost all the land in Santa Clarita a long time ago.

If you're going to be commuting, as many people do, you may be more comfortable living closer to the freeway. From the Santa Clarita Valley cities of Stevenson Ranch and Newhall, you can access either the 14 or the 5 freeway very easily. Houses in both cities are incredible, though Stevenson Ranch is the newer community of the two. In some cases, yard space is given up to live in a newer home. While you can get ideas about yard space from photos and Google Maps, you need to go and see those homes in person—and that's where my team and I would be happy to help.


A little further inland is another great community called Saugus. Two main arteries take you from Saugus to the freeways, and there are four main arteries for traffic that can transport you from Saugus to either the 5 or the 14. Something that you'll want to remember is that all of the communities have shopping centers, so don't worry about being close to the mall if that's not your thing. You can still find gas stations close to home near all the freeway entrances, as well as grocery stores and dining all throughout the valley.

As I mentioned earlier, Santa Clarita is a master plan community. The planners asked all the right questions when they were deciding what to put where. This comes about with all the new development that's been going on out here. The new home builders have to get approval, and they want to make sure that there are adequate schools, infrastructure, arteries, and all that kind of thing that make it comfortable to live right here in Santa Clarita.

Speaking of schools, Santa Clarita Valley has some awesome and very highly ranked schools. Most people that leave the San Fernando Valley or come from other areas of the state or elsewhere in the US have decided to place their children right in public schools, rather than private or elite schools. You see, it's the dedication that is easily seen from just speaking to school administrators or staff.

Something to think about with Saugus is the distance from the freeway. It can pose a problem if you're working traditional business hours. Driving from the furthest area of Saugus will put you somewhere about 15 minutes from getting to the freeway during peak commuting hours. If you’re an early morning commuter, you don't have to worry about it at all. You'll hit the freeway in no time and be right where you need to go.

Experience Communities In The SCV

I hope this gave you some great insight into the lay of the land here in Santa Clarita. We help people everyday move and relocate here and throughout our valley, and we'd love to help you.

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